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Living Rooms
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Lavish Living Room Furniture for Today!

Your living room furniture has two jobs. One, impress your guests! The best living rooms, in the top-class homes worldwide, resemble art galleries. But the key to coolness is NOT to look like you’re trying TOO hard. Two, make you feel at home in your own home! Your living room furniture can’t be stuffy but made to be LIVED in. That means durability, furniture that says “Bring it ON!” to excited kids and dogs. Your living room furniture from Ivan Smith will fit these two requirements perfectly.

Awesome Living Room Sectionals for Much Less

Our selection of living room sectionals makes these ultra-comfortable seating options available at floor-shatteringly low prices! One of our hottest-selling living room sectionals comes in either pewter gray or beige with contrasting accent pillows providing an elegant visual counterpoint. Easy-care polyester upholstery offers a plush texture while the ultimate in resilient foam cushions give your worn-out self a “hug.” Massive back cushions boast a slight flare to them. Solid hardwood frames reinforced with corner blocking mean these sectionals are made to last!

Luxurious Living Room Recliners Engineered for Maximum Comfort

Few things are finer than kicking up your feet, drink on one hand and remote in the other, for some serious TV viewing, be it a classic movie or binge-watching a cool series. Our array of living room recliners takes that comfort and dials it up with engineering refinements such as lumbar support, easy motion, remote control for our cool power recliners, and even heat and massage in some models. One of our favorite living room recliners, plush in a tan shade, is ready to go; just put it in place, allowing room to open up, and plug it in!

The Look of Leather Reclining Sofas for a Total Experience

Why hog all that reclining comfort when you can share it AND savor the look and feel of real leather? Our selection of leather reclining sofas includes an ultramodern design in espresso brown giving three lucky people a relaxing ride. Its cushions look so inviting and really are, seeming almost overstuffed, and when you open the reclining feature it’s a bit of heaven on earth.

Get the living room furniture you want to make YOUR home makeover a success! At our Shreveport, LA store and other Ark-La-Tex locations, you CAN have it ALL!

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